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  For phone orders call 417 342-5813

For on-line orders, go to "Web Store".   

        Free gift with every order.

What is Skin Renew?

Skin Renew products were developed in the Ozarks by Diane Prewitt as she always had skin allergies. Her niece, Tara Beck has since purchased Skin Renew and will continue with all the same products that have proven so beneficial for years. This product was 'born' out of a desire to get away from chemicals & additives in over-the-counter lotions.  Natural ingredients are used to create 'skin-friendly' lotions & soaps.  As a result of adding essential oils & healing vitamins to the lotions, your skin  starts  "renewing" itself.  You can see a visible difference in sun damaged skin. As skin starts healing, many people see age spots fade resulting in a new youthful complexion.  People who suffer from eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis have found relief.  The luxury soap is packed with moisturizing oils, essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil & vitamins.   Skin Renew lotions and soaps  are guaranteed to please, or your money back - no questions asked!   Facial mask De-Tox is awesome for acne, shrinks pores & tightens skin.  Lip balm is healing & has natural UV protection. The ointments and salves use essential oils, herbs and botanicals to heal.

Recent studies have shown Frankincense essential oil to have cancer fighting properties.  It has actually destroyed cancer cells in test subjects.  The University of Oklahoma, Arizona and California are testing it. GOOGLE it.  Frankincense Essential Oil (and additional healing essential oils) are added to all the lotions, creams & the immunity booster stick. 

The following "salves" come in a twist up tube:  Sinus Stick is great for colds, & sinus problems.  It opens airways & helps you breathe better. If you rub it on the bottom of your feet at night, it reduces snoring too!  The "Immunity Booster" is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and is for a multitude of ailments. This is Skin Renew's version of Thieves ® .  Great for preventing colds & flu or shorten duration.   Poison Ivy stick reduces itching & dries up the rash.  Anti-Itching stick calms the skin & helps itching rashes & bites. Acne stick is for clearing up acne outbreaks.  Eczema/Psoriasis stick is great for several different skin problems & rashes. Soothes, heals, stops itching.  My Super Salve is kinda-like grandma's old brown salve and is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and good for just about everything. The Pain Relief and Tiger Balm formula is great on painful joints, carpel tunnel, painful knees etc.  

 Call for more information or for special pricing on large orders.  417 342-5813 You can also call me to use a credit card for purchase, if you don't have a Paypal account.

Where can I purchase Skin Renew?

You can purchase Skin Renew at the following stores or at my home. You can also order on-line & I will mail your order (usually) within 24 hours.    Wheaton/Stella: Country Comfort Spa;   Rocky Comfort: Chop Shop Salon;  Yonkerville: Country Store;   Cassville: HAIRTRAX;  Joplin: Margie's Herb Shop; Springfield: Mama Jeans Natural Market (3 stores)

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